'Hey Fag,
I chanced upon your stuff and stayed riveted until I'd seen everything. Initially, your home page was a bit offputting coz it said load Java and I'm a technophobe but then it all appeared and was a feast to my eyes. Your style reminds me very much of 1960's posters with the colours and layouts of text. You have a strong humanitarian quality about your work which appeals to me too. Ok, am going before I sound too over the top arty farty. Really enjoyed it, keep at it.... do more...! Val
PS: Once I got into your gallery it was really easy to use, good and simple...'
by Val Kerry

'Thoroughly and bizarrely enoyable!'
by Professor Mark Rainey

'Im looking at your website, through glazy hazy eyes...whats that mr beer monster? ...these drawings are a little scary... sssssh I know...but its okay...because its Fag and he is the special one...he means no harm to us just a few nightmares!....'
by Gemma Carlisle

'I'm glad I put you in my phone as 'cool steve' all those many years ago. You are indeed a 'cool' steve.
I think your website is 'cool, steve'. Love Emma x.'
by Emma Amato