A message from Fag Baboon

'The Fag slumps in a hotel chair knocked out on goof balls with his tongue lolling out... the dick is diddling on a pad.' - Naked Lunch by William Burroughs.

Fag Baboon (adjective) - The name Fag Baboon comes from the novel Naked Lunch which was written by William Burroughs. Burroughs described this creature during his time on drugs, and legend has it that he never remembered writing the novel.

Fag Baboon (noun) - The illustrator Fag Baboon took his name from his favourite novel Naked Lunch by William Burroughs. He first read the novel at the beginning of University in 2000 and continued to read it every year for the rest of his life. Many of Nuttall's short stories included characters such as StarBoy & The Slave to name a couple.
In October 2007 Nuttall decided that instead of creating these characters he would instead become a character and continue to illustrate & write under the alias Fag Baboon; a character he was all too familiar with from the Burroughs novel. This would be a change in direction for the illustrator and would make him become more like the characters he had been illustrating, a challenge that he would relish.

I am Fag Baboon.